I am burning! I am on fire!

I am literally on fire. My back and my chest is burning like fire. there are two ways to put out a fire, either take the fire-extinguisher to put it out or calculate how much will burn up if you let it burn on and then maybe add some more fuel. I did the last, more fuel, more oxygen, more breathing. It got worse and it got better.

It was a hard and good first class after a couple of days of not doing any yoga.

I took the 7 am class, and fall is really here! I usually do the 7 am classes and last week there was some day-light as I got out of bed but today it was dark. Soon it will be dark as I leave home as well.

My challenge has started, looking forward to tomorrows class.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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