First preparation make, then action take

Today when I woke up I was dehydrated, it felt like l was a dessert, so before my 7am class I had to drink a “Resorb” (suger and salts) besides my normal water-intake in the morning. Reminder to myself; Drink more water during the day, and even more water after that.

It was a good class, my back is still sore and hurting in most of the poses, but it releases a bit in Rabbit and I feel it is getting better.

I realized this morning that last challenge I did, I did hold back and not just do it, like I was not trusting the energy to last for all days and the process that would give me more energy out of every class. Reminder to myself; Go for it, do the best right now and let tomorrows worries come tomorrow.

I was thinking about the fact that some persons quit after a couple of years of practice, like thedancingj said today “You have to do the pose wrong a thousand times before you can do it right once”. When a pose is done a thousend times and you realize that you have to start over a bit or completely to get it more right it challenges. Thoughts like “What have I done the last 2-3 years if I couldn’t get it right?”, “Is all this work I’ve done wasted?” showed up in my head and continuing is the thing. Like my budo-instructor sais: “There are those who continues and those who quits. Activly choose what you want to be.” So continuing is the thing even if it hard and those days/weeks/months are the most important days to continue and be asure that all the work spended is not wasted as it is a process.

Yoga is not a goal, it is a process. Looking forward to tomorrows class!


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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