Up I go

A couple of weeks ago I felt something new in Half-moon, it was like somebody grabbed around my ribs and just lifted my upwards and over, it happened on both of the sides and even in the back-bend. It was really cool! The next class I wanted to find this feeling again and trying to find the same muscles again to work with. I have somewhat being able to do the same thing again but not with the same “Wow, I’m growing feeling”. Today it nearly came back, I could engage the muscles and lift myself upwards and sideways at the same time and also backwards. And I actually see the wall behind me! I even had the same feeling in Cobra (without seeing the wall), like I was going forward upwards. In the last Savasana I could then feel that my ribs actually moved when I breathed, cool thing to feel! And I believe that it comes from the muscles that I have started to engage.

I am longing for tomorrows class where I can continue to work on the small things in every pose, that is one of the great things with doing yoga each day.


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4 Responses to Up I go

  1. I agree—a daily yoga practice gives us very little chance to lose focus on our bodies. We become so gloriously in tune with them, when we spend those 90 minutes on the mat, each morning or afternoon.

    Although taking a day off here and there is nice and all, I always dread how much longer it takes me to settle into myself, you know??

  2. thedancingj says:

    Yay, here we go!

    This is a lovely blog, my dear, and thanks for the shout-out on the side!

    This ribcage business that you’re talking about is SO good. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, and this is exactly what’s supposed to happen. Congratulations!! It is not an easy thing to find, but once you get it, it improves your whole practice. Very cool. Now (if you didn’t already find this out) try using the big INHALES during the set-ups to inflate your rib cage, and see if that helps you find that feeling more often. 🙂

    • cristina says:

      Thanks for the reply and for the tips!

      I tried to improve my setup in Half-moon today and it does help, but Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will my body do. I did have great back-bends and that “scares” me, just because they are so different from just a week ago, but not enough to make me freeze or stop breathing or so.

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