I wish I could remeber

Day 5, a crazy day at work and then I take a couple of hours of before lunch to take a class with Juan (one of Bikrams senior instructors that spend some time in Sweden). It was a good and solid but strange class, totally different people than the classes I usually attend. It is strange how the different people do affect the energy in the room.

I wish I could remember more of all the great little things he said that just made me laugh every now and then. I remember one thing: “Look into your own eyes and take yourself seriously”. I really enjoy his style of teaching, it made me put my mind on my desk at the office fresh to pick up when I came back. There was no space for thinking, just doing, just working, and just beeing and it rocked.

Heard later at the front-desk when I suggested that maybe Juan could give some class in the evening as well as I like to take his class more often without taking some hours of from work, that not everybody likes his style of teaching, they can’t understand the irony in his jokes. I like his way of teaching, he connects with his students and shows an interest that all the students in the room should get the best out of the class. Then he might have another thought about what is the best than the students that doesn’t understand him.

What makes a teacher a good or bad? I was thinking that a good teacher connects with his/her students and is able to feel them of (is this a valid English expression??) to know how is a good way to encourage them. Some teachers that I have had, and this applies not just to Bikram-yoga, they just have the feeling and connects with the students and some has no connection at all and are just there and just doing there thing. This instructors are NOT good.

Tomorrow Juan gives an Advanced class that I don’t know if I dare to attend. I attended one a couple of weeks ago and it was a crazy experience beeing such a beginner once again.

Yes, yes, I know, just do it. I have signed up, I will be there! But I am nevous and have butterflies in my tummy.


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3 Responses to I wish I could remeber

  1. thedancingj says:

    YAY! JUAN!!! Juan is one of my all-time favorites. I took his class in California earlier this summer and I’ve been in a handful of advanced classes with him, in LA and Palm Springs. This is SUCH a small world. 🙂 I think I posted about his class a while back. My favorite part was when he was absolutely KILLING us and he told us to FIGHT BACK. So many priceless things come out of that man’s mouth. He can totally piss people off, but I love all the shit that he says.

    Have a GREAT time in advanced class. You will learn SO much, even just by watching. Juan’s postures are phenomenal. I’ve been around a lot of really accomplished champion yogis, and there are a few who come close or equal to him, but I’ve NEVER seen better.

    • cristina says:

      Thanks! Yes he is a great teacher, we are really lucky that he has chosen to stay in Stockholm a while. I rember one more thing he said, somthing like; “Bend backwards, it will hurt and that is because you live strange wierd lives”. It feels like he wants us to get a bit pissed to use that energy in the postures. I wish so that he could give some basic class so I don’t have to take hours of from my work.

      I read about your class with him and actually it was that who made me decide that I should really take the previous advanced class I took with him. 🙂

  2. thedancingj says:

    1) EXACTLY.

    2) Yay! I’m so glad!

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