Stiff and tired

Todays class was a hard one, I was stiff and I was tired.

I worked on as good as I could and the burning feeling showed up again over my chest. Towards the end I got so tired in my body and everywhere I started to feel the dizzieness from my vestibularis neuritis. It’s a special kind of dizzieness that comes when I get really tired in the body. At that time I know it is time to rest a bit so that I did to the end of the class. As I sat up to take a drink this smell of meat-stew just came by, yuck!

One funny thing is that in wind-removing posture after the left leg it always starts to itch in my right ear at a specific place. It’s been so for months and I have just not really payed any attention to it until the last days, it’s been up with both legs, itch my ear, grab the legs. But now I have really started to pay attention to it and the itch goes away by itself. It’s kind of funny though thinking in terms of reflexology, the place that itches represents the stomach.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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