From the bottom there is just one way

And that way is up!

Today I feel stronger and have more energy, the class this morning was not that bad, just needed to learn a thing, that I kind of knew before but it was so obvious.

Don’t eat things that I am allergic to just to comfort myself, even if it is a yummy fresh-baked Tosca-bun, it works just as well with a banana. My body gets all weired when eating stuff that I can’t.

Towards the end of the standing series the gold-fishes started to anoy me, swimming all over, as the bowl just filled up! I tried to just accept that I started to badly need to go to the bathroom. When we flipped over to the stomach it was either lay there and not being able to do anything or to leave the room to do something about it. I left to go to the bathroom, and with great strength came back and finished of the class.

It is so great when the teachers that give the morning-classes end 1-2 minutes before time and do tell that there is a bit extra time. That minute means a lot later in the dressing-room when everybody is in a hurry for work.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to From the bottom there is just one way

  1. thedancingj says:

    I am LOVING your positive attitude. You picked the right title for your blog. You sound so cheerful and optimistic, even when you say you are having a rough time! That will get you far… 🙂

    • cristina says:

      Happiness is a choice and that is how I mostly chose to live 🙂
      I am glad that you are reading and feeling connected to what I write.

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