Use the feet as hands

I am getting stronger again and it feels good. A nice class that I thought would be very hot but after a bit into the class it felt like a cool breeze even if I still felt it was as hot as it should be.

After the separate leg stretching poses when we turn back to the front most everybody starts to fidget with their towels to straighten them out. The teacher pointed it out and said that we should be able to use our feet to get a flat spot to stand on. It’s like my budo-instructor said: “You should be able to use your feet as your hands, free yourself from the conceptions that a thing has to be done in a special way. Then miracles can happen.” That is so true, a mind that is locked can not take in anything unusual.

In the spine-twisting pose the instructor said: Use the soulderblades and draw them closer to eachother. Wow what a new feeling and it helps to open up the frontside of the body. Must continue to work on this tomorrow.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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