No brain

When the went on this morning, i was laying there for some minutes thinking about going back to sleep and doing yoga in the afternoon instead, so I closed my eyes to fall a sleep again and felt how my body just went out of bed and decided to go to yoga. Talk about a no brain activity. Body does what it is told to do.

Of to class, that was a soft one, not so pushy but more being able to really tap into the poses. And I found some interesting stuff with some of them

Awkward, third part, feeling how I am using more of the ball of the foot than the toes, i don’t know if it is right, but my feet are very tight and it is a difference.

Standing separarate head to knee, use the throat-muscles but relax the jaw. Relax the jaw again, and again, and again.

Cobra, yesterday the teacher said, relax the but-muscles, use the leg-muscles to get them down into the floor and this feels like it is more stable, and more easy to really use the lower back-muscles.

Locust, finally one day some months ago I found the arms in this pose, but there where no muscles in the arms, but they are starting to come along. Feels so strange to in the middle of class feel like a beginner again, it is frustrating, but it must be better to do them right and not have so much stamina.

Fixed firm, for years it has just been a great pain from hip-bones to the toes, now I can feel the pain in the muscles that does hurt instead and can sit down properly and even go back. It’s so cool!

Every day is different and that is soo cool!

One thing I don’t like with doing yoga every day is my fingertips, they feel like they have been in a bath for some days now.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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