The sun is shining

A wonderful sunny day and I took the day of from work as we have to take care of our sailing-yacht in the afternoon.

It was a great class today with Juan. So today I am miss Blue, fits with the blue sky that we have today.

As usual Juan has so many fun little things he sais during class. I probably haven’t quoted him right as this is how I remember them now an hour later.

During awkward, if  yor leg shake, stop drinking coffee and come back tomorrow.

We move around the circulation in the body, and how is that done in bodies that you have squared.

We have done strange things to the body so the nerve-impulse that goes from the brain is questionen and probably not the same when it reaches the bottom of the body.

I don’t pay you to do the work here, you payed me.

Try till it cramps, if it doesn’t you don’ t know if you are trying enough so try more.

In the stretching pose: Pull on your toes as you would pull out your ex heart.

Great smiles on my face 🙂

My feet are cramping, started during awkward, lessened a bit during the rest of the standing series but I still feel them.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to The sun is shining

  1. thedancingj says:

    HYSTERICAL. Thanks for these!! I can totally hear him saying all of them…

    • cristina says:

      Look in the mirror and try to take yourself a bit seriously.

      To one of the instructors: S. smile a bit I’m getting afraid of you.

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