A little white mouse

Day 16, it is over the hill now and I was thinking as I rode the bus that there has been no drama this challenge (YET) and it will be a great challenge. I felt strong and was in for a good 7 am class.

At awkward my feet started to hurt again, it was like they have been asleep and the blood came back into them. It was hurting as H***. Try to balance on a foot that hurts and cramps! I can tell you it is hard and I worked hard to not stand out the balancing poses.

When we came to the back-strengthening poses I was tired and exhausted and rested the second Full Locust and then the teacher said to me: “You have to find animal strength! Only you can work this for yourself no one else can do this for you.” I saw an animal within myself, it was a little tiny white mouse that peeked out of a hole, to scared to come out all the way.  Then the tears came. A little scared white mouse! wanted a tiger or something, a little cat would have worked fine, a dog would have been great, a rhinoceros would have been even greater, but a little tiny scared white mouse.

I worked on the rest of the class, it was a relief to do the situps and I made it to the end.

After class the teacher asked me how I was and I told him about the mouse and with a big smile he said: “Not a good animal…”

Maybe it is a good animal. Maybe I am scared as a little mouse of what could happen if I totally gave in to the yoga? Mabe it is a good animal for a great predator to catch, the predator in me just haven’t seen the mouse yet. Maybe I have to think a lot about it. Probably. I will do so.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to A little white mouse

  1. thedancingj says:

    I know that English is not your first language, but there’s something about your writing style that I really enjoy. It is simple and direct. You use simple language, but you say SO much.

    I looked up the symbolism of the mouse and found this: “The mouse is a wise animal, quietly getting on with his business and accomplishing his purpose without too much attention. From the mouse we can learn to pay attention to the little details which may get overlooked in our over-eagerness to see the big picture.” And this: “Mouse can teach us how to focus and how to achieve the ‘big’ things by working on the little things.” That sounds like a good animal for yoga…

    • cristina says:

      Oh, how beautiful said!
      I read it this morning on my way to yoga-class and the smile that I must have had on my face reflected in the woman who sat in front of me.
      It is a good animal for yoga, when the mouse goes outside it’s normal boundaries.

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