Little white yoga mouse

There once was this little white mouse who did yoga, every day she did yoga in her little hole. She peeked out to look at all the great yogis on the outside, saw things to learn, broke them down into small pieces and concentrated and pondered on the small things: a hands position, an angle of the foot, contact between things that should have contact.

The little mouse worked steadily ahead, saw the small changes, saw some differences and improvements. And the little mouse looked out on the young great yogis on the outside thinking that this worn out body with old injuries won’t ever be able to do the full expressions of the asanas. So the little mouse worked on, healing a lot of old injuries and letting the yoga work on more subtle stuff. And the little mouse peeked out to the young great yogis outside and thought again: I will never be able to express the asanas so well.

The little mouse’s feet started to change enormously. From as a young always walking in high-heel shoes, to working in restaurants walking in bad shoes on hard, bad floors carrying lots of heavy stuff, then of to the school-bench not moving so much and then into the yoga-room and being able to spread the toes again. The change hurts and it not only hurts in the feet it hurts allover as it is the whole platform that the little mouse is standing on that changes.

One nice sunny day the little mouse takes a step out of her little house and decides that she can try, all injuries is gone and time to let go of the balance-nerve virus stuff so there is nothing more stopping than the mind and maybe some hard work and sweat. Why not, as a young body it was a bendy and flexible one, it can become that again but with a bit more strength this time. There are friends and family around who will support. It is only the mind that has to take control and decide what it will be with this journey.

So now the little mouse stands in the big world on her new feet, it is a bit wobbly and it feels great. The sun still shines, nothing has really changed just the view of how the little mouse looks at herself.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Little white yoga mouse

  1. thedancingj says:

    You should see the huge smile on MY face right now!! You just took that idea and made it completely your own. This is so awesome, I am almost at a loss for words. You are becoming a real yogini!! Much love…

    • cristina says:

      I have done some seriously pondering and looking forward to tomorrows class where I can work on and explore deeper.

  2. This post and the one before it are so sweet, so insightful. It’s incredible what we learn about ourselves through this yoga, isn’t it?! And when we understand that it is all within our control to change.

    • cristina says:

      Yes, it is wonderful!
      I can’t wait until the class tonight, inside I’m jumping up and down as a little child in excitement.

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