Happy class

An evening class, 8 pm, I don’t really like this late classes as I am to alert in my head when I come home and I know that the alarm will go off early tomorrow morning as well.

It was a happy class, I worked hard, took my newly found insights and worked on them. Especially during the spine-strengthing series I just blasted up body, leg, leg, legs everything and everything again. And while I layed there in savasana and looked on my towell I saw this little lady mouse that danced around and was happy and I started to laugh and went into bow.

I couple of weeks ago I had just one of those classes where I just wanted to leave early, not that is was particulary hot or humid or hard, I just wanted to leave. After class the teacher ended with the words: “Sometimes it is just enough to stay in the room.”

And yes that was the thing. I wanted to leave the room, but particulary my job as we had a hard time with lots of new stuff going on and not an organization to support it or we don’t even speak about it. With this realized I started to talk about my feelings and it turned out that management has started to put ball into motion and we had good meetings how to work through the situation. On my side I sent out a thought to the universe, if it is time for me to change position I’m open for it.

But back to my mat and that savasana I just saw how life reflects in my yoga-practice and the yoga-practice reflects back into life.

And the outcome? About two weeks afther this my manager came to talk with me and in the new organisation that they are discussing I’m proposed for a new position that I know I will like and have new great challenges with. Yesterday we had the big meeting with the new organization showed to everybody and today I started my new position.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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