Rise as a sun, down as a pancake

Friday afternoon class, a guest teacher and I felt strong so I reclaimed the frontrow. It was a strong standing series and back-strengthing. Then something happened, I started to feel very nauseous and would if I moved anything I would desperately need a bathroom fast.

At work, every Friday, at 10 am the candy-bowls are out in the kitchen, and I am there to get my share.  And so I did this Friday even if I know I get pain in my stomach. Reminder to myself: Read this next Friday and if I decide to go up to the kitchen for candy I should only take some dried fruit or nuts or even a banana. Reminder again: NO CANDY!!!!

But as I layed there breathing I started to think about breathing. Within scuba-diving when something happens it is Stop, Breath, Act.

It is the level of carbondioxid that triggers the start of  inhalation. Shallow breathing does not significicant lower the levels of carbondioxid and then one just wants to breath more. Under pressure higher partialpressure of carbondioxid leads to what is called “carbondioxid hit” and the symptoms for that is discomfort on the easy side and panic on the more difficult side. Panic is something you don’t want under water.

As I was laying there and breathing very shallow due to my ache in my stomach I was starting to feel this extra discomfort from the carbondioxid, not much but I just recognized it. Then I realized how important the breath is and to breath deeply and to stay calm even laying on the floor.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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