Time management

Time is the most democratic thing in the world. Everybody has 24 hours a day, not more, not less. We just choose how to use them.

I have just chosen to break this 30-day challlenge. Due to time, I don’t have the 2.5 hours extra each day this week.No chanche if I’m not going to become totally stressed out.

* It took the full weekend to take care of and make our sailing-yacht ready for winter.
* Beeing outdoors two full days really chilled me down and I feel I’m close to catch some flu/cold or something. Headache, feezing, swollen feet. Need lots of sleep to stop this cold-thing.
* New position at work takes a lot of extra time this week and probably next week as well, need to be there a bit more than the normal 8 hours a day. Today was a 11 hour day and so it will continue….
* P. leaves for Japan for a 2 week training-trip on Friday and we have things to take care of before that and it would be nice to see him a bit before he leaves.
* I have a private project that has to be finished within 3 weeks, this project has been heavily neglected as it is super-super-duper-old.

So this week I will concentrate on some other things in life. I will start over a new 30 day challenge sometimes next week together with the Studio.

Stay tuned, I will be back in cyber-space!!


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Time management

  1. Bikram yoga is, without a doubt, a serious time commitment. When I did my latest 30-day challenge, I actually had to talk to my boss about having more flexibility in my schedule so I could take both morning and evening classes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the challenge.

    Thing is, there’s never *really* a perfect time to do a challenge. In that, LIFE will always get in the way!

    Good luck juggling all those projects, and feel better!!

    • cristina says:

      Yes, it is a serious time commitment. My boss is aware that I did this challenge and supports me fully and was very sad that I had to break but do understand as he is one of them calling for all the meetings I have to attend right now in the reconstruction of my work-place and delivering a project at the same time. It must be some back-side when stepping up and taking a manegement-role. 🙂

      Hopefully I can start again next week 🙂 then I will not only have done a 30-day challenge but a 18-day within the same months. 🙂 I know I can do it, but it’s nothing worth if it stresses me into pieces, just for the sake of doing a challenge.

  2. thedancingj says:

    See, this is exactly one of the things I like about you. Such clear thinking! 🙂 “No time to do challenge. Ok. Stop challenge. Do other work. Start challenge again.” Hooray! for the ability to pause, review, and then start again, without any unnecessary drama! I’m so glad you’re not leaving us…

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