Back on the mat

First yoga-class since Friday this morning, and boy how nice it was to be back on the mat again.

Prioritization hase been the theme of the day. In my new role at work I will be a Scrum-master (leading a team of developers in there daily work after a certain model) and what we will work on will be prioritized into our backlog from different projects and maintenance. We have hade meetings today how things will be prioritized, who will do it and so on.

As any project can be prioritized higher and lower after business-decisions, life is the same way. What is done in the work is just daily entered into the svn-repository and saved there. In yoga it is the same it is just entered into the body. Nothing is lost. If you work on a project every day, it will be finished sooner, if you yoga every day things will progress faster. Same same, but different.

My body is one part of my business, yoga is a highly prioritized part of that business as my body needs to take me a long way through my life.

Everything is saved, always new beginings, tomorrow there will be a new class, and one day soon the yoga will be the highest prioritized project of my body again.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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