Hot but not hot

A late afternoon class, kind of many people but it is a rainy cold Saturday in the middle of November. What could be better to do than yoga. I was cold when I came to the studio, my feet and fingers where like is-cubes and coming into the hot room felt like going into a sauna.

I feel stronger, I didn’t take a knee during the standing poses even if I let the second set of triangle be. During the floor series I felt my old dizzieness from my balance-nerv-virus and had to stay out a couple of second sets as well. I feel it when I am tired and aparantly my brain is tired now so it is OK.

I thought the class was normal hot but I guess it was a bit hot as the teacher opened the door, I have never seen any teacher open the door before. But it was a lot om moaning and groaning, as the teacher pointed out and said I am a lucky guy being at work and having 20 girls moaning and groaning after him…..

Now I just have to find the best time of the day to do yoga in my new world. I love to do the morning classes but then I come to work around 9:15. With my new position I have 2 times a day where I can sit and work with nobody actually disturbing me and that is from 7 to 9:45 when my first meeting of the day starts and then after 4 PM when people starts to go home. Being at work early makes me catch up and know what happens before the day starts and then I can leave early as well and take one of the earlier classes in the evening. Otherwise it will be coming late and working late as I used to do before. I just have to test and see what works best in this new situation.

First thing is now to make it through one week of yoga, then I know I will make my 30 day challenge that I want to do before Christmas.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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