A great class, on the both sides of me I had regulars that I know and often speak to, one of them had her last day in a 30 day challenge and on the other side a woman with a very strong practice. Behind me I had two of the teachers. I had a great class, made it through all the postures, both sets. It was heavy but I made it! JippieKaYeah! Towards the end the movements where not as consious as I would like more like “There is foot – I should grab it” and then grabbing it.

It is so amazing how the people around me really affects my yoga. If I have people around me with strong practice I become stronger and if the people around me drop down I have a tendancy to drop as well. I wonder what this tells about me. I follow the path of least resistance? I take the easy way out? If somebody else does not have the energy to make it I don’t need to have it either? Can I be better than people around me? This is something that I need to ponder upon. One other question I have to ponder upon is how can I get myself to continue going strong even if the people around me are falling.

After class the Studio had a gathering with films with Bikram with a question and answer session to it. A great iniciative! A lot of good things where said. One thing that was said was that this yoga is so forgiving that even if somebody does not do a posture totally right it does not injure as long as the dialogue is followed, that makes me think that when I get totally tired in the end like today it is just to Fake it till I make it.

Sleeping is a big issue in my life at times, when I get stressed I start to have problems with my sleep. I sleep for 2-3 hours then wake up and are awake for 2-3 hours and then fall asleep again for some last hour before the alarm goes off. For 4 nights now I have slept the whole night through and after class today I just came home and just had to sleep on the sofa for some hours.

It will be an interesting week to find my time for my yoga every day, after this weekend I see I need to do yoga at the evenings so I won’t fall asleep over my desk at work.

JippieKaYeah, tomorrow there will be more yoga!


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2 Responses to JippieKaYaeh!

  1. Traci says:

    Good point! I find that happens all the time. When there’s a few very strong people around me I just feed off their energy. On the flip side when there’s a weaker person practicing beside me I try to work extra hard to show her the way and maybe motivate her to keep going. Have a good week of classes. I’m on Day 16 of the Challenge tonight.

    • cristina says:

      Today I could be the role-model but it is not always I have the energy. I have to find it again. And it looks like I’ve found it 🙂

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