Bikram yoga ping pong

Anybody played Bikram ping pong? I have today. Took the front row just to challenge myself and found myself beside Miss PickAndPlocking. I had her in front of me the other day when it was hard and she then she took knees and layed down. This was going to be a tough class. But when she started to pick and plock with her stuff I just decided that she wouldn’t win over me! No Way!

She saw that I was tired, I found the strength to do the posture and she followed. Every posture her energy said “we are tired, let’s brake a bit” but my enegy said “I’m tired and I won’t give up I will win over you!” And I won! Mostly over myself 🙂

I found my energy again, 🙂 I think the kind of energy that Juan speaks about when he wants us to fight back.

And in Cobra I played with my feet and realized that if I don’t keep my heels together I align my hips different. After that I got a cramp around my tail-bone. Anybody got a cramp in your tail-bone? It is wierd. And as Juan were that after class I asked him about the different ways of aligning my hip and his answer was which is hardest, gives you some pain to work through, that is the way to align your hips. OK so I will try the both ways and see what happens and if I get a cramp in my tail-bone again, I know which one will be the hardest one.

In Standing Bow I have had problem with getting my right knee straight behind myself, it goes to sides and I have tried to align it with the hip. Today I saw that I do something with my left knee and twist a bit around and that makes the other leg sway of to the side.

What I don’t have in my head I will have in my wallet. Before this rough time with work I took my mat with me home and washed it and hung it on the balcony, and forgot it. For like 3 weeks. A mat does not like to be in the sun, wind, rain for that long time. The outside was all slipry and as we have wooden floors when I did triangle it was a bit to much of a challenge to have the entire mat slipping out as well becoming 10 cm wider between my legs. I had to buy a new mat, it was a good mat I bought, a militarygreen/black mat that will feed me with energy.


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2 Responses to Bikram yoga ping pong

  1. thedancingj says:

    You are SUCH a fighter, and you’re bringing up the people around you. I LOVE that.

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