La Copa De La Vida

Coming to class I felt like I could run a mile or three. Having the song La Copa De La Vida wiht Ricky Martin in my head, Go go go, Alle, alle alle! It was a full class, Hot and Juicy, and the best thing was that I could leave work when I needed. I had at least 100 more things I could do but I said Goodnight to my computer as I locked it into the safe over night not wanting to bring it with me home.

I got a front row space beside another regular. We where feeding eachother with energy and my head that normally just keeps on babble about nothing and everything just kept quit, occationally one Go go go, alle alle alle with Ricky Martin, but that was it.

Rabbit, something has clicked. Or I have engaged my stomach more.

Lets talk about my stomach, it’s a bit fluffy, has some kilos to many on it that I should work away or let go off, get rid of, or ponder on why I hold on to that extra weight. Who would I be without it? Lots of things to ponder deep upon, but not today.

I think somewhat 3 years ago I would never ever even dream of wearing a 2 piece showing my stomach at class. One day a woman started training, some years older than I, with a stomach and a 2 piece, and she was wearing it with such pride. I got inspired and thought that if she can I can. I can like my stomach to. And so I bought a 2 piece and carried it.

First thing was to be able to watch my stomach in the mirror. What a thing when I could just watch it, see it moving, and the first time I saw that I actually have some muscles in there. I have been aware that when doing the compression poses I haven’t been able to look into my stomach. It was to close, to fluffy and just to (fat) much. (Translating a Swedish teenage expression straight into English)
So last classes I have really tryed to look into my stomach and not care what it looks like. It looks the way it does. With this extra push things are starting to happen in Rabbit. It is Fat Cool, or another way to say it would be enormously cool.


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2 Responses to La Copa De La Vida

  1. thedancingj says:

    Occasionally one “Go go go! Alle alle alle!” with Ricky Martin… that is the cutest thing I have read in a really long time, because I can picture EXACTLY what you are THINKING!

    Looking at your stomach is such a fabulous idea. I had a teacher last week who said something in rabbit that I really liked. She was talking to the first-time students about rabbit, telling them that they should keep their chin tucked and not move their head during the posture. She said, “if you have a question, the answer is in your bellybutton.” I thought that was a great way to say it.

    Go go go… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • cristina says:

      Not only looking at the stomach, but also seeing it, small difference ๐Ÿ™‚

      [Waving my arms from right to left and back]
      Go go go, Alle alle alle!

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