On giving up

Do I give up? When do I give up? In what situations? Where? What triggers it?

I had to start to think about that after reading Hanna, just breathe’s blog yesterday.

The answer is yes, I do give up at times. Sadly but true. I am usually stubborn, and see things through, but when it comes to this little place within me I give up…

In the yoga-room today at Grasshopper, my least favorite posture right now, it not only is uncomfortable and all that, it also touches some little part in me that I don’t want to see, feel or know of and I just give up. When this happens I just take myself out of it as fast as possible and start to tender my pain and try to hide this giving up. And going in for the next set it takes so much willpower and time to convince myself to do it that I almost miss the whole second set.

Hmmm, I realize I have been doing this for a while. Do I want to do this? No, but in that moment it is so hard not to, it is really a mind game, I have to catch it before it happens and be aware, and at the same time not get hung up by it.

Looking forward to tomorrows class to really start working on this and see if I can catch the feeling that makes me give up.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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