Some things make perfect sence

others don’t.

Why get stuck inte elevator just outside my floor, very hungry after yoga? Had so sit there for 40 min. Glad I had a Coco-water to comfort myself a bit.

I left my work in good time for the 5 pm class and new I hadn’t drank enough water during the day, took a spot in the front row but to the far right. It was a good class and I kicked out in both sets of Standing head to knee. I was tired towards the end. My back feels like it is totally wobbly, soft, with no strength but some new strength in a strange way. Since last week I have been feeling something in my right lower leg and I have thought it was something that was bugging me after having not being able to yoga so much during a couple of weeks.

But if I am finding a new way to do Cobra and using my lower back and my feet hurting it might just be that my crooked legs are getting a bit straighter. That would make perfect sence then the pain on the outside of my lower leg for those muscles, tendons, etc need to become longer.

Hurray, hurray! Lets work on and see what happens!


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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