The (not so) glamorous side of traveling

Back home again after my short trip to Vienna.

Our main office is in Vienna and the going from one office to another was nice, out the door at our office, cross a parkinglot, down the stairs to the airport-train, on to the flight, onto the next airport-train and then upp the stairs and then cross a street. 5 hours of traveling, 800 meters of walking. It was longer to walk to the hotell in the evening. When we arrived two days of intesive work waited. We hardly got to sit down before work was started.
I work with software development and we will release some important things to the live environment and moving some other artifacts from a server in Canada to Vienna on the 17 of December. The developers sit in Stockholm and the operations people sit in Vienna and this is the first projects we are working together on, so we hardly know eachother. I for an instance haven’t met this guys and they will be responsible for 2 products that my team deliver.
We still have some issues that we have to solve toghether and as anybody could understand that it is even harder to solve them over a phone and then never have met. So we where 3 persons that went to Vienna.
As we had this time-boxed time to solve the problems it is not ok for me to say, Hey guys, I’ll need some yoga, it will take a couple of hours, you work on…. So as you guessed, no yoga for two days.
The hotell was nice, but somebody had been smoking in the room so the pillow smelled old smoke. BLÄ!!! So I didn’t sleep well.

Saturday came and I decided to go to the 4 pm class and I was tired. I got one of my favorite spots and layed down on my back in the heat and fell asleep before class. Class started and I was trying to work hard with the strength in my legs. I kicked out both sets of Standing head to knee!

I have found my kicking leg in Standing bow and just kicked for the two sets and then I was out of energy. Apperantly it was hot as one girl tried to leave when the teacher said, please stay, lay down on your back, pretend you are doing Savasana and sleep, just stay. This girl stayed almost the whole class, another left and 3 more left to get new water or something.

I was stiff and dehydrated after the trip, even if I drank water as crazy the flight dehydrated me badly. In class I got a headache and standing in the shower afterwards letting the water hit my head was painful.

But now a couple of hours later I feel softer in my body again, the headache is gone, have taken lots and lots of electrolyts and I am happy that I went to this miserable class.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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