Doing something 1000 times makes you good at it

Sunday, a afternoon class.

Starting to feel relaxed again, looking forward for Christmas Holidays, I will have 2.5 weeks of from work. 🙂 I need it badly just to hang around my home and do nothing more than I need to. Today is 1:st of Advent and everybody in the block where we live puts up lights on there balcony and we can’t be worse. It is actually nice as it lights up so much and as we are going in to the darkest period of the year it is needed. Today the sun rises at 08:12 and sets at 14:59, we still have a bit to go, on the darkest day the sun rises 08:44 and sets 14:49. Then we celibrate and sacrifice to the heathen Gods that we go towards lighter days again. Not really, but it is a day of joy when it turns lighter.

It was a nice class today. I really worked a lot with my legs during the standing series. I am really focused at my legs all the time, contracting them so I get really tired. Thank you BYC for the extra challenge to kick out on the first set. I do it every day even if I fall out I am kicking. The second set is always easier to kick out as my back is softer. Working this hard makes me tired and I feel like I would need a longer Savasana to recover as I can’t really work hard in the spine strengthning, but recover for the last poses. But working harder must express itself someway and when I get stronger the spine-poses will get better again.

After class I watched the female winners of the Bishnu Cup in the reception and had a talk with some of the ladies, One said: If one does something 1000 times you will be good at it. And doing it every day will then take about 3 years and doing it Monday to Friday it will take aboout 5 years.

I remember when I logged my 1000 scuba dive. It was around that time I really realized that I was a competent diver, being an instructor, diving with helium to deep wrecks in the Baltic. Some year later I realized that I have reached my limit within the technical scuba diving. Going deeper will give longer time surface-to-surface and any body that have done a scuba dive knows that diving increases the urine-production and staying well hydrated is one of the keys to not getting decompression sickness. Diving in a drysuit you don’t want to do the way you can do in a wetsuit… The boys could put on some kind of condom with a tube and screw on the leg but that doesn’t work for the anathomy of a woman.

This is one thing I like with Bikram Yoga, there is no limit, there is always something to improve, finding a new goal on the way to the bigger goal. If I have done a Bikram class 1000 times I will be kind of good at it, and depending on what I started with I will have come just as far as I could during those 1000 classes, there will always be 1000 more classes to work in, reaching new goals.

To this challenge I will dedicate my legs, my legs will be the main-focus, this I can work with in all postures. And I see the result already and I know that it will be even more results in two weeks when this 30 day challenge is over.

In 3 1/2 week we will have midwinter sacrifice and I will work my legs nice and muscular and juicy so the Gods would want them…

Just kidding…


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3 Responses to Doing something 1000 times makes you good at it

  1. thedancingj says:

    You are hilarious today. Love it.

    I love your long term view… this is what will happen in the first 1000 classes, this is what will happen in the next 1000 classes. So many people don’t get that. I always smile when people freak out over the postures they are bad at. “Why can’t I do it yet?!?” “How long have you been practicing?” “Two weeks.” “….”

    There is only one qualifier I would add to your friend’s statement: “Doing something THE RIGHT WAY 1000 times makes you good at it!” It is really sad to see people who practice for years and never improve… it is because they don’t practice the right way. Maybe no one ever told them, or maybe they just don’t care. Who knows? But I do not think that’s a problem for you!

    • cristina says:

      You are SO absolutely right!

      Doing it right!

      How could I forget?

      Within the diving comunity there is a movement that arose from the cave-divers in Florida and they call it “Doing it right”. They talk about streamlining, working as a team, use of helium at shallow depths, same configuration through out the team to prevent them from fatal injuries and loss of buddies. Divers on the NorthEast Coast wreck divers usually dived (still does?) with Christmas tree looking configurations, one and one and deep diving on air.

      In the diving comunity Doing it right keeps you alive. In the yoga room it keeps you healthy.

      Who wants to do it wrong when you can to it right?

      It is a tricky question, as you said, there are many reasons why people are not doing things right. But if someone wants the most out of the yoga it up to that person to be responsible to find the best help and instruction to be doing it right.

  2. lz says:

    Thank you for the quote! “If you do something 1000 times, you will be good at it.” Definitely one to remember. Patience is key!

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