Doing it right

Funny, just as I set the title a friend called and said that it was a program on TV about mine-diving in Sweden. It was an old diving acquaintance who the program followed into rooms that only skilled divers kan see. I remember having many Doing it right (DIR) discussions with this divers.

What does that Doing it right mean within the yoga?

* Hydrate well
* Eat well
* Listen to the dialogue
* Follow the dialogue
* Try to do the postures to the best ability
* Try to improve every time
* Putting oneself in a supportive environment with the best teacher available.

Do you have any other ideas?

Lately I have done something more right than before, Standing separate leg stretching. I have never, ever been able to touch my head to the floor, It has been miles away as I am very stiff in my upper body so to be able to reach my feet I can’t spread them as far as I would need to be able to touch the head to the floor. Today it was not far to go, when I saw how close I was I almost tripped over!

I have been strugling with this one. For long I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t reach my heels or feet with the very spread legs AND keep the legs straight that the Dialogue sais and definitivetly not touch the floor. Nobody really explained it to me.

Last year when Jason Win was at our studio for a posture clinic he showed all the steps. If like me, smaller step, reach under feet, every day the hands should go further back towards the heels, if needed bend the legs to grab the feet, straighten the legs, tighten the legs, weight on toes, pull and spread legs and pull and the rest you know.

I think one month after this a stood in front of one of the teachers and instead of looking at my towel I looked at her legs from that upside-down position. I saw her thighs as they were super tight, super lifted and then she gracefully just could touch her head. OK, that is what it should look like from the down below angle so I started to lift my thighs and suck in my stomach. First I had to re-tighten like every other second and slowly it has become longer times and today I can usually hold the entire posture. A couple of weeks ago I found the weight in the toes combined with the tight legs and spreading my legs as I’m down (I still need to be able to reach the feet before I can spread the legs far out, but I don’t need to bend the legs anymore to grab the feet.) Today I remembered what Saskia has told us many times, Let the heart lead and the head be curious (or something like that) and I tried and I was 5 cm away from the towel.

Tjoho!! I see the light! One day not so far away I will actually be able to touch my head!


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2 Responses to Doing it right

  1. Michelle says:

    I have so much trouble with that posture. I feel like I will never get my darn forehead to the floor. 5 cm away… are so close! Touch it! Touch it! Touch your forehead to the floor! 🙂

    • cristina says:

      5 cm, that was yesterday… today, back to normal 🙂 But now I know! There will be a one day when it happens. It WILL happen for you to, if I can be 5 cm away then it can happen for anybody!
      Touch it! Touch it!

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