Watch out, those are my toes

Today was one of those lovely classes, where just everything flows, Michelle teaching and I got a great spot in the back row, behind a pilar with my own mirror. It’s like being in the front row with the mirror but without the presure of being in the frontrow having the energy to lead the class. Sometimes this spot is just great.

My forehead didn’t touch, it was as far away as it uses to, but in the last stretching pose I really felt how I could stretch forward and I didn’t know where to go with the elbows, A new experience!

Rome wasn’t built in one day, it took me like 35 something years to put my body in the shape it was when I started to do yoga, and then some more years with intense budo-practice with shoulder and knee injuries.

Like Michelle said today many times, Look in that direction and your body will follow. It is so true, I am now looking in the direction where I have a healthy and strong body and the body will follow, slowly but surely.

In the last Savasana as I laid there my toes tried to relax and every time somebody walked by to put there mat on the shelf or get out of the room I just felt how scared they were to get stepped on so they curled together again. Interesting… Physically I haven’t been stepped on my toes but my father has not been the nicest person and figuratively speaking he has stepped on my toes many times. This is something defenitively worth to ponder upon.


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