Don Quijote and Me

We are fighting the wind mills! With my sword I will fight them all down! All of them!
That was my day at work. It was better after lunch.

I will be doing the 101 day challenge that starts January 1! I think it will be great, but I am a bit scared about it, but as there are no rules like you can only do so many doubles or miss so many classes as it is with the Studios challenges as they are like promotions as well. (You get some % off when you buy your next card) It is just all upp to me to do the best out of it.

In the yoga room there is no windmills to fight, there real things to focus on, kicking, pulling, locking, bending, breathing.

Did a double to day to catch up one of the days I missed last week. A back to back. Never done this before.
I drank and I drank all day.
The first class was a great class. So much energy and doing everything without any hesitation!
Grabbed a coco-water and a soy-chocolate-milk-drink inbetween classes and I had the choco-drink up in my throat the entire class. Not a good thing to drink. Good to know next time.
At Triangle the tiredness hit me, I sat down and rested and took it soft during spine strengthing and then I finished STRONG. Lots of cramp in my legs though, need more bananas during the day next time.

Need to figure out how to eat and drink to make this doubles to work.


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6 Responses to Don Quijote and Me

  1. thedancingj says:

    Nice work!!!!

    Soy chocolate drink – UGH!! I could have warned you that that would not be fun. 😦 Sounds like you did everything else right, though! Keep the Coco Water, maybe have a banana during the day, and if you’re hungry in between, have some easy-to-digest fruit… for me grapes, tangerines, or berries work best. Go with something that’s mostly water.

  2. YogaSkier says:

    It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on how this feels different not being a studio sponsored challenge.

    Good advice on the chocolate drink! Yuk!

    • cristina says:

      In our studio when they have a 30 day challenge they use it as a promotion and you can only miss 2 classes and only make them up as doubles and not use the Advanced class to count as one class and not take a class in another studio.

      For me who have a work that I will need to travel unexpected and it happens that I will work late I will miss classes. If I would miss more than 2 classes I would have failed and that stresses me. Stress is the least of things I don’t want to have assosiated to my yogapractice.

      So if I take on a challenge like the one I do now or the 101 days in January there can’t be any failure, it will only be a lot of hard work.

      For me it is a small but subtle difference that makes a hole lot of difference.

  3. Michelle says:

    I make sure to drink two liters of water in the afternoon a few hours before my double and I add emergen-C lite to one of the liters. That usually works! 🙂 Good job on the double! So glad you are going to do the challenge with us!

    • cristina says:

      i am so happy to do the challenge, it feels so great!

      Thanks for the tips! I will be needing to find a way of doing the back to back doubles as they will be needed during the next months 🙂
      Emergen-C? Is that like electrolytes that you can resolve in the water?

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