I am a Christmas Tree

I nice Sunday afternoon class with Michelle, she is such an adorable teacher. We have no podium in the studio so the teachers do walk around and Michelle does correct in a special way. She stands behind or beside and moves her hands as she would if she would do the acutal correction and talks about it at the same time. Like in Half Moon putting the hands on the shoulders to make them closer to eachother, or stretching out the back while standing or pulling the hair in Awkward 3:rd part. The other day she showed Seperate Leg Head to Knee and told us that we should pull the legs towards eachother like in Triangle but different as the legs have a different angle. I have been working on this pulling the legs in both of those postures and it makes a lot of sense, it makes it so much easier to go in and out of them with control.

Coming into class I was feeling stiff and did so during the standing series but I was feeling strong. The class flowed by. I realized that I am much stronger in my left leg than in my right leg. It is very obvoius in Locust when lifting one leg at a time. At Tree posture we all became Shiny Christmas Trees that glowed bright and smiled back to everybody that looked at us.

Coming into the class ther was also a strange feeling, a few beginners, it is fun, it is so easy to spot them out at times, two guys in the front row, probably done some yoga before dressed in fluffy yogapants and t-shirts on. One lady was reading the morning paper. One of the regulars set up in the front with the fire-exit in front of her. The fire-exit has mirrors and in this part of the room it fits in 5 persons in width. If the class is full there will be 5 persons and the person laying in front of the fire-exit has to share this mirror with another. The class was full and she wasn’t in the room as it filled up so another woman have slipped her over a bit so that one more mat could fit in. This lady was so angry over this.

I can’t understand why. As a regular you know that there has to be 5 persons in width on that side of the room if the class is full and then it is not the best position as it is if there is only 4 persons in width. But that is her problem, not mine.

I just see how different people react to different things that happen during set up of the class. It is sometimes so interesting to watch.


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