Happy towel gives energy

Earlier this fall I bought a bunch of new towels for yoga. My old ones where kind of worn out, but I put my old favorite towels in the closet as it might be needed some day. Today I needed my old most favorite towel and it was so happy to come along to the studio so it did support me fully.

I had a great class! Strong standing series and the spine strengthing, when I was a bit late for the second set of Locust I hear my self thinking, Oh, I will be late to do the right leg, better hurry up! That has never ever happened before in that posture! Ever! Never!

In Fixed firm I could go down and lay my back on the floor, that has never ever happened before! Never! Ever!

I didn’t want to leave Camel, never happened before!

After class a woman I hadn’t seen for two weeks told me that I have toned up a bit, she could see it!

I better take good care of my old worn out favorite towel so it lasts through the 101 days, I will need a friend like that some of those days.

Time for laundry….


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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8 Responses to Happy towel gives energy

  1. Traci says:

    Now that sound like a fantastic class! Don’t you love when it all just comes together. I use different mats but completely have my favorite. Ue to be my black one, now I just think I red one gives more energy. Funny isn’t it? It’s US doing all the work but these little objects seem to help push us through sometimes. Good stuff!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      It is so funny, this little objects that you shouldn’t get attached to, but they are there and are attached anyway.

  2. thedancingj says:

    Now that IS a good luck charm! You should bring that towel to every class. Even when you CAN’T bring it, just bring it with you in your mind. 😉 Also, I like the little changes to your blog, it looks really good!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      Thanks for noticing, I thought the page needed some new css, I had some time to sit and play with it.

      The old towel is striped in all happy colors, at least it was in its glory days, my new towels are colored with happy colors but just one color per towel.

  3. Michelle says:

    Speaking of towels, have you ever tried a “yogi toes” towel? Heaven! Glad you had a great class!

  4. lz says:

    It’s fantastic that you had an inspiring class! Indeed, there are some items that can subconsciously inspire us to have stronger classes! I second Michelle on the Yogitoes towels – I have had one for the past year and it is so convenient. You don’t have to worry about them during class, as they are so neat and stay put without crumpling. They’re easy to clean and dry quickly. Also, they will last you for a long time; they are really durable!

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