Everything is freezing, even the heater

Today is my first day of 2.5 weeks of vacation, it is needed! I need to wind down, not even think of opening my work-computer and do things that are good for me. What would be a better thing to do that o to a 9.30 morning yoga class.

The thermometer showed -12 – -15 and it was cold and bity outside and when I came to the studio it was cold there to, the heater had frozen during the night. There where people working on it since the 7 am class. The class was not canceled and it was Juan that was the teacher, one of his last classes before he leaves us.

When we started we had 23 degrees and everybody had tshirts or sweaters on. Juan thought that in the rest of the civilized world they would have canceled the class and he was freezing and it felt like everybody wanted to work hard for him. A human is like a 100 Watt of heat. I took my tshirt of at halfmoon then I was sweating.

It was a great class, we held all the postures a bit longer going more slowly into them to not injure ourselves. I had a fantastic standig bow, I felt the traction forward like the arrow in the bow. I still have a high when I think about it.

When we hit the floor the heaters came on and slowly it then started to become warmer.

Juan sometimes is hilarious, on the stomach he told one of the new women, Turn your head to the left you cannot afford to do a misstake. And a pause, you could hear a neadle fall in the air after that and then he continued, because there are men in the room. and a small pause again. You know, men they can’t follow directions they look at women for their guidence and then you women have to do it right so that the men also can do it right. and everybody laughed. He said a lot of funny things today I will sure miss him as a teacher in the studio.

It is funny how classes differ so much, the class before this one was a shitty one and this one was cold and turned out to be a great one, who knows what the next class will be? But that is not the thing, the thing is to be there every day and to do the best out of each and every class.

Tomorrow we will travel south to my family for Christmas and there will not be any yoga until we are back. Then I will do a false start of the 101 days of yoga. I am looking forward to that!

Happy Holidays to you all.


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2 Responses to Everything is freezing, even the heater

  1. Traci says:

    Yup…Might not always be a perfect practice, but it’s always a good one. ALways a good idea to just show up and try.

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