Where did the little white mouse go?

The little white mouse that peeked out of her hole during the fall decided that it was a great time to take a step outside and stay here.

It’s nice to be back out in the open. It feels like I stept inside a hole to protect myself as I got the virus on my balance-nerv. It was traumatic and now when I look back to small things like walking on the platform in the subway and beeing scared that I would fall down on the tracks or biking on my way home from work and as a bus passed on my side I got dizzy and fell in the middle of rush-hour trafic. Much this year have been about healing this condition and it took longer time than I thought it would do from the begining. Who knows how long time it would have taken without the yoga?

Today I took the last class of the year. When I came to the studio the heater was not liking the cold weather. Help was on its way and just before class started the heater came on. The teacher is one of our new teachers from TT. She held a great class, being very aware about the class and holding a nice tempo.

My throat feels better, if feels like the cold that belongs to it wont brake out.

Tomorrow the 101 Days Challenge will start. I am so looking forward to do this challenge with everything that will come with it.

I wish you all a nice New Years Evening and a Happy New Year!


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Where did the little white mouse go?

  1. Traci says:

    Happy New Years Eve! Be safe and have fun and good luck with the 101 Day’s in 2010!

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