Day 3, I am finding new muscles

My cold is better, I am getting my voice back so I felt stronger as I went to the studio and took a spot in the second row as I didn’t dare to go upfront yet.

In front of me I had one of those persons that don’t care about anybody else, as the class was full my mat was exactly behind hers and then I think it is a bit of a courtesy to stand a little bit to the side of the mat so that the people behind kan see themselves in the mirror as well. But no, she stood in the middle and in the back of her towel. While doing standing bow her kicking leg was way over my towel and dripping sweat. Then I have to move backwards as well but not so much so I will kick over the mat of the person behind me. My horns started to grow and I was on my way to tickle her toes…. But I took a breath and let it go and had a great rest of the class.

The other day I got a correction during standing bow to tighten the leg more and as I did I found a new muscle. I have been working on that muscle since then. Lifting the knee-cap even more in all the poses it is done and that is a lot of poses. It gets easier fast. The last days when I have felt a bit weaker due to my cold I have been working so hard on lifting the knee the little extra.

In tree I have always heard the line, tuck your pelvis and tighten the but and I haven’t found the but-mscles there but a couple of weeks ago I found them on the left side and now also on the right side and now I find that things are moving in that posture, I even went down in toe-stand (usually I just bend my upper body down to reach for the floor and then the knee hurts so I stop there).

In floor-bow I found how to not use the arm-strength and just the legs. I can’t yet describe the muscles that I use but I feel somewhere that I found some new ones.

I am so looking forward to the next classes when I can continue to expore this new muscles even more.


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2 Responses to Day 3, I am finding new muscles

  1. Michelle says:

    oooh! finding new muscles is gooood! You’ll find many more during this 101 day challenge. I would’ve loved to have heard what the girls reaction was if you really had succumbed to your horns and tickled her toes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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