Day 4, a strong day

Hurray, it was a strong day today!

I’m really starting to feel that all the effort I put in during my 2 challenges during the fall is now paying off. I feel like I have come over that treshold where the energy that I put into the class is not only to do the postures but actually DO them with energy and work harder in them. It is such a great feeling to have some energy left for the last 2 postures and do them with intensity and then feel like I could take another class as well.

I SO hope that this will stay for a while now, I feel that I need it, I haven’t had classes like this since before I got the balance-nerv virus.

The 2 great things in todays class where that I went down in toe-stand. I have very week feet and ankles so I can stay there for a very short while before I fall, but I’m doing it! My knee ain’t hurting! Soon enough I will be able to go up the same way I went down. The other great thing is that during second set of Camel the teacher said let the head fall down and I released some muscles that I was holding in my neck and it was a new posture.

Looking forward to tomorrows class.


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6 Responses to Day 4, a strong day

  1. Traci says:

    Oh! Great job with toe stand. I love, love, love this posture. keep working on it…your well on your way!

  2. Michelle says:

    Yay! I am SOOOO happy for you, as you know I can relate and am looking forward to a class like that!
    Here’s hopin’ you will have a string of strong classes!

  3. ahappyyogi says:

    Thank you ladies! I am so, so glad for your support, It means a lot!

  4. Johan says:

    Awesome, congratulations it’s always so nice when you get a great class. On those days I always find myself wondering why it’s so hard to convince myself to get to class. Good luck with the toe stand, as Traci said once you get it well it’s just lovely.

    • ahappyyogi says:

      It’s so fun to see how challenges go there own way and not the way that we think that they will go.

  5. moxieta says:

    happy bikram explorations to you!
    (i was referred to your blog from mine…)

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