Day 7, Bosse – the yoga champ

Today was my first day back at work after the holidays and some of my colleauges joked a bit with my mascot. I got the mascot during a kick off and then he became a part of our team. They had put him in the most advanced yoga posture.

Bosse the yoga champ

Isn’t he just adorable!

My class was OK, as I had to leave work early to get to class I came as one of the last ones into class and had to take what spot there was for me. So I didn’t take the one spot left in the front row, I put myself somewhere in the middle where I haven’t been before.

I was working hard through class, my left shoulder is hurting bad at class right now and the pain takes a lot of energy. My legs have been hurting through the day with training-pain. I did almost everything except the second set of the Head to Knee and Stretchig when I just looked and my knees and toes. But I did go down in toe and in Fixed firm and grab my elbows. When I started to get tired I just thought “What I put in is what I get out, put it in!”

In the last Savasana I just layed there and felt like the Bride in Kill Bill when she was trying to wiggle her toes. My legs and feet where just so tired and felt so numb so I had to lay for a good time before the energy came back again and I could wiggle the toes, move my feet and even stand up on them.

Yesterday I decided that I will put my mat on all the spots there are in the studio just to not stay totaly comfortable. I don’t like to have people all around, 3 sides is ok, but jammed between 4 is hard for me. So picking up the thread that Greg started about goals.

1. Picking all the spots in the studio. That will last half the challenge so I have the other half to have spots I like. I can do as I please, every other day or all the unknown spots at first and save the nice ones for last.
2. Locking the knee even more. I have a couple of days ago found a new, more, intense way of locking the knee. This I will do in all the postures where I can lock a knee, and those are many. (It’s not so strange that I have training-pain in my legs today)
3. Doing 2 sets of Balancing stick, Standing sepearate head to knee, Triangle and Salabasana. If I need to take a brake it wont be in this postures, it will be in pustures that I like to do and feel stronger in.
4. Focus on myself, in the mirror if possible, otherwise focus as much as possible, especially now with so many new people around it is easy for me to see a foot that is not straight or knee that is bent a bit or this or that with other students instead of focusing on myself.
5. Smile at myself.
6. Be in charge and not afraid of what will come. This is a bit hard to explain but with a history with a lot of injuries and balance-nerv problems that have healed, who will I be without them? To let this me grow and come out and not cling on to the old.


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2 Responses to Day 7, Bosse – the yoga champ

  1. Michelle says:

    Admirable goals! The “smile at yourself” one is hard. Sometimes teachers will tell us to smile during like cobra and I’m thinking “are you kidding me? I’ll just look constipated!”

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