Day 8, could have been better

Miserable is one way to put todays class into one word.

My shoulder now hurts all the way down in the lower arm and into the fingers. Pain!

And thank you lady in front of me, to squat down behind your mat to fold it up, guess what, your but was just a couple of cm over my head!

After class one of the regulars told me in a compationate way; You had a rough class, didn’t you? And the tears where millimeters away.

During the holidays sitting by my computer at home I have put on an BAD habbit. Leaning on my left arm that is my bad arm and this is probably one thing that has triggered this shoulder again to hurt. Another thing I noticed during the day when i spoke on the phone in the office that I put the reciever under my ear and clammed it there with my (guess what) left shoulder so I could use my both hands on the keyboard.

During the weekend I need to lower my desk at home so I sit as straight as I do at work to help my shoulder to heal.
First thing Monday morning, fix a headset for my phone.

One good thing today is that I didn’t eat any of the Friday Candy that my work offers every Friday at 10 am. Big bowls with all the goodies you could think of. I just looked at them when I walked by for lunch.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Day 8, could have been better

  1. Michelle says:

    Working through pain is not fun. Seems to be something that comes with the territory though!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      Especially when a great part of it is done by my self… When will I learn that I can’t lean on my desk when I read of the screen?

  2. Traci says:

    Oh! I hope you feel better. I hear ya thoug, I am currently working through a hip flexor thing that kills! I literally got to the point the other day when I was walking along and said out loud “I just want my leg to heal!”. Feel good soon my friend!

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