Day 10, double digits and how do I turn of the head

Hurray! We are now into the double-digits! Now it is just 9 more of these pieces and that is nothing, that we can do! Hurray for us!

My shoulder is not as painful anymore, actually I just felt it as I layed and rested a bit before class started, but I have been very aware of it during the weekend and not been leaning onto it or doing anything that could make it more angry.

I had a strong class today, I did all the postures and towards the end I felt like the dish-cloth BYC talked about yesterday, and at that point I didn’t want to be a rag so then I realised if I wring out a cloth very hard it will get a lot of stability. I wringed out the last of me and finished strong.

How do you guys turn of the head? The conversations going on up there is just crazy, it’s like two teenage girls just talking about nonsens. Bla bla bla, and bla bla bla, and nothing important that will lead the world to a better place and they wont end! I’m laying there in Savasana and listening to this (excuse my language) shit.

I got a good correction in Standing separate leg stretching today in second set, the head came closer to the floor, I so wished that the pose would be held a lot longer or we got a third set in it. But tomorrow is a new day to work on all the little things.

Tomorrow i day 11, the first day of the second tenth of the challenge. If you add them together it will be 2 that also could represent the second part.


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7 Responses to Day 10, double digits and how do I turn of the head

  1. thedancingj says:

    Oh, turn off the head. It IS tricky, isn’t it? Bikram says that the human mind is like “a drunken monkey that has been stung by a bee.” One of my other fav Bikram quotes (from one of the teacher trainings) has him saying: “My mind is like a little shrimp that’s always jumping around the place. I have to grab onto him and say ASSHOLE, SLOW DOWN!!!” Haha. So you are not alone!

    The only way I can really turn off my brain is by listening to the instructor, and nothing else. No brain. Their brain moves my body. Then my mind turns off. That’s the only way I know that works. And it doesn’t work with every teacher, but some are very good at it.

  2. Johan says:

    The advice I keep getting that I’ll just pass straight on is to just let the thought be there. Acknowledge them then let the pass. I think that means don’t engage with the thought, but don’t worry about the fact that they are there.
    In my practice I just focus as much as I can on the breathing. Breath in, long slow breath, feel the stomach rising. Breath out feel the energy and the heat leave your body. It won’t keep all the thoughts away, but it sure helps with letting them pass. This is especially true in savasana.
    The last paragraph of this post is also interesting, . I’ve decided I’m going to get Rolf Gates book so hopefully I’ll have a better answer in the future.

  3. awwww! double digits! I love how you said we need to break this down into small pieces, you are so right!
    Let’s practice their brain our body…..!!

  4. ahappyyogi says:

    Thanks for the advice all of you!
    The brain is true a drunken monkey, or like whatever that is chattring in the similar way.
    I’m just about to leave work for tonights class and will be happy that i scaled away some things that I am now dealing with the “drunken monkey”.

  5. Traci says:

    Yay for double digits! It’s like the first milestone of the Challenge. Congrats!

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