Day 12, reveiled a lie about myself

I will go to Barcelona! For the Advanced Seminar! Tjoho! Yipeekaiyey! Hurray! Halleluja!
Just have to figure out the small stuff like the economics and so on, but that is a minor issue.

I would like to write a long post about today, but it will be another day instead, work and class and family takes its time.

At least I don’t need to go to Vienna for work this week. Problem is solved.

Great class today, strong, and worked on the chatter in the head.

I’ve always been so proud of myself that I’m not a fidgeting person, I stand up, don’t wipe my sweat, let my hair be where it is, clothes may sit a bit funny, so I’m not a fidgeting person.

Guess what! I am!

The fidgeting is well disguised. I fidget with my throat. I make it hard to breathe when I (some lazy part of me) want to be tired, so then I’m tired and then I am slower to get into the posture.
Guess what I have to work on from now on!

It must take about a week for new muscles to settle, for about a week ago I started to work harder on locking my knee with this little new muscle I found. Today I could feel them and see them and use them.
Superduper cool.

Question to all of you out there, in the situp do you hold your breathe with your throat or your stomac?


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7 Responses to Day 12, reveiled a lie about myself

  1. thedancingj says:

    YAY BARCELONA!!! I’m so glad.

    In the sit-up, I would say stomach.

  2. Traci says:

    I would say stomach too? I think? Picture me now at my desk trying to figure that out! AND THANKS for the alarm clock reminder 🙂

  3. Johan says:

    Congrats on Barcelona! I might go back to malmo for some advanced classes soon. In the sit-up I have to agree with both above, definitely the stomach. That posture is all about working deep in the stomach to release the energy from there. The same way Triangle releases energy from the legs.

  4. Leona (aka lynxofsilver) says:

    Haha, loved the comment “Just have to figure out the small stuff like economics…”. Have FUN (we want to hear all about it)

    Good awareness on your own “fidget” – I think it’s cool that the challenge can make us more aware in our practices.

    Sit up: Suck your stomach in, Inhale, sit up, Exhale x2. Only a short hold on the breath, definetly lungs / stomach and not throat.

  5. ahappyyogi says:

    Thanks for the reply on the situps, I will try to use the stomach tonight instead of throat.

  6. Michelle says:

    The seminar in Barcelona sounds great! I’m with everybody else, I’m thinking stomach….

    • ahappyyogi says:

      Stomach it is!

      I am looking so forward to Barcelona! I really hope it will be, they still need some more attendees to secure it. This will be my chance in some years to be able to practice with Bikram and hopefully Emmy as well.

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