Day 13, Oh I have a stomach

Holy macarony!

I have a stomach! I used your tips from yesterday and it is different, I have to watch myself so I wont to the throat-lock in the situps but use the stomach instead. It is hard but workable.

I watched myself so I wouldn’t fidget with my throat. It’s hard but workable.

Head kept quiet, didn’t have a chance with all this concentration on fidgeting and stomach and lifting the knee-cap.

It was a great class with Michelle, and she is on my legs so I would lift the knee-cap even more.

When class ended I just layed there and my stomach and legs just hurt. You know the training-soreness-pain! That nice pain that just will love it when I go to bed tonight and let them totally relax.

I have lots and lots to work on, and that is so cool that it evolves and becomes new stuff to practice on when the time is right. When I started Bikram yoga I was one of those with no muscles, and the muscles that I had where just in the wrong place. Like the wrong kind of stomach muscles. I remember the class some years ago when I actually first felt that I had a muscle that could tighten up. And ofcourse if there is a muscle like that it is impossible to do the things right, I just do as much as I can and now it it time for the next step into the strengthening of them.

Hurray, hurrray, tomorrow is another day!


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6 Responses to Day 13, Oh I have a stomach

  1. Traci says:

    Great job and congrats on finding your stomach! Aren’t muscles the best?

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I am glad to, even if the stomach and legs are very sore.
      Glad you got to go to practice! (yesterday?) The days are just so wiered here with time-differences and tons of work during the day so I hardly know what day it is.

  2. thedancingj says:

    Your observations are so cool. You’re always right on the mark. I really liked: “it evolves and becomes new stuff to practice on when the time is right.” Step by step by step… that’s our life…

  3. Michelle says:

    The muscle awareness is one of my favorite “side effects” of this yoga. 🙂

  4. Johan says:

    I’m so glad for you that you managed to find a new edge to your practice. As the teachers keep saying (especially in wind removing pose) take it to your edge and hold it there. I think this is true for the entire practice, and your words about muscles are just the perfect example of that.

    Michelle, I have to agree it’s so weird I keep finding new muscles all over the place and it amazes me every time.

  5. ahappyyogi says:

    I think that is true for all postures as well, as one of our teachers use to say, take it to the edge where it is comfortable, go a little bit deeper into the unconfortable and make it comfortable.

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