Day 17, the importance of a good teacher

Today’s class was a great class, it was one of the new teachers. It triggered a thought in my mind. When I started Bikram yoga it was new in Sweden and the one teacher was kind of new as well. A new teacher follows the dialogue and needs a more experienced teacher to be able to bloom and to know how to point out the small things to studends. An experienced teacher knows not only the dialogue but also understands it and how the different postures can develop for a different typ of student over time.

I can remember those corrections that I have got that really have made a diffrence in my practice. Without those experinced teachers I would still be hanging out there in the gray mist. Thanks to all of you and I am so grateful that you want to stay in the cold dark north (the summers are a different thing) and share your knowledge.

Thanks also to everybody that writes about their findings in some postures, like The Missus did the other day with her Standing Bow and her ass. Thanks! I found mine today! I wouldn’t have done it in some time if I hadn’t known that I could work harder with those muscles.

The Standing Bow is just such a cool posture, I think I am starting to get a hold of it or at least I have found a new posture in it.

Something has also happened in Seperate Leg Head to Knee. I am starting to put my hands together in front of me, one side is straighter than the other, but it is happening.

The massage yesterday must have done some good for my muscles in my back, I could reach my arms around my legs and grab the elbows eachother in third set of Wind Removing.

I am working a lot on my situps, to find out how to relax the throat and hold the breath anyway. Theoretically the stomach needs to be sucked in and pull the diaphragma downwards. This needs a lot of contemplation. If any of you have any ideas on this one I would be happy.

Other funny side effects that I find with doing lots of yoga is that my hair and my nails grow fast and strong! I would be able to have long strong cool finger-nails, just a shame that I learned how to type without nails, long nails mess up my keyboard….


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6 Responses to Day 17, the importance of a good teacher

  1. Johan says:

    Sounds like you are talking about the mula bandha (root lock). I assume you got the description above from talking to your teacher after class. The best instructions I’ve read on mula bandha are here . It’s very focused on the mula bandha’s importance in Ashtanga but if you keep reading it’s got a clear explanation of how to achieve a proper lock. Oh and it’s explained in a way were you can easily practice it at home.

  2. ahappyyogi says:

    I said Hello to the teachers that where there…
    Don’t think that applies in this question.

    It was just so clear during one of the situps. I took out the book Yoga Anatomy from my shelf now to look the breathing up.

    As I understand it the book speaks about 2 types of breaths, either a belly inhalation or a chest inhalation. As we contract the stomach it will be a belly inhalation with keeping the belly sucked in.

    The difficult part is when I need to use the belly muscles for the situp, same muscles that are giving the space in the thoaric area for the breath to stay and are pulled inwards at the same time.

    Using the mula banda it is probably a step in mastering the situps with a relaxed throat. I will defenetly dig deeper into the bandas.

  3. thedancingj says:

    I think Cristina just “derived” a bandha, or something similar, from her class experience and a little anatomy. THAT is cool. Not that books aren’t helpful too, but it is cool as hell how this series lets people figure those things out organically, at the right moment in their practice.

    I just found a totally new standing bow, too. After five years. Gotta love this yoga.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’ve never noticed the hair and nails growing faster. That is an interesting side effect! One I wouldn’t mind in fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

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