Day 20, the hamstring twins

Tjoho! It is day 20 today! That means we are 1/5 down the road. That is a lot! 1/5 of a cake is a big chunk! These 20 days haven’t been so har to make. Some days have been classes that have been tougher and other days have been better. But on the overall it has been very very managable. It is just 4 more of these chunks left and that we can do! Yeah! Go go go us!

Today when I came into the heat and I bent forward to put my towels down, my hamstrings started to scream and we started a conversation.
Hamstring Twins in chorus: That hurts! Are you sure that you will put us through this today again?
Me: Yes!
Hamstring Twins: You are totally insane in your whole head!
Me: No!
Hamstring Twins: Please go a bit easy on us!
Me: (crossing my fingers to make a lie) Of course I will be easy on you, I am always nice to you….

It was a stronger class today, and my hamstrings they don’t really agree with me what easy on them is, but who minds in 100 years. I know what is better for them.

I begin to love the situps! It’s totally CRAZY. When the teacher sais Ok, flex feet…. I just feel so happy all over and something within screams Yeahaa! Yes I will be able to do a situp again! Hurray!

I even begin to like the Camel, I still have some mental trouble going into the Camel but when I am there it is good.

Another good thing with a challenge like this is that I will then just work my 40 hours a week. I book myself for the classes and then I leave work when it is time. Like today, meetings, decisions, talking, mailing, and then the last 45 minutes I finaly had some time to start working on some documentation and sit with my headphones on and listen to music and realy work and I would have easily stayed on for some hours just to finish it up, but when my Outlook told me it is time to pack up I did and left in time for class. This is such a good thing for me and now when I come home I hardly remember what I was working on, but I know that it sits on my desc and computer when I come back to it tomorrow morning so I don’t need to bother about it now.

One more good thing, tonight was the first night in some weeks that I have slept well. My shoulder is healing and did not bother me. Lets hope that this is a trend and not a single action.

Tjoho, tomorrow me and my stomach will do some more situps!


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6 Responses to Day 20, the hamstring twins

  1. thedancingj says:

    YAY sit-ups!! Too great. I think that when you start to LOVE the sit-ups, that means you are really doing them right!!

    My hamstrings are kind of the same this month… not sure why… but I know what is good for them: more yoga!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      That is a nice thought, if you love a posture you are doing it right.

      Don’t tell my hamstrings that, they don’t know yet that they will be doing yoga tomorrow as well… 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh the hamstring twins! I’m sure they are still pissed at you after todays class. They will survive though!

  3. Fun post…love your way with words. The hamstring twins will quiet down soon!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I think they will have one last cry-out session one of this days, then they will fall into line and start behaving.

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