Day 23, nose bleed

Today I went to the 11 am class and it was one of the new teachers, today she has really started to gain confendence and held a great class.

I lined up in the front row and had a strong and nice class, but at the end at, head to knee at the very end my nose started to bleed so I had to stop it during the second set. It felt so strange to sit out a posture not being completly tired. It was a good thing I had a dark green towel to stop it with so it wouldn’t look so dramatic.

I think I am kind of stressed, I get nose bleeds when I am stressed.

I will take the rest of the day first write those emails I need for work and then just to relax and take it easy.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Day 23, nose bleed

  1. Traci says:

    One girl got a nosebleed in class a couple of weeks ago. She started to get up to leave the room and the teacher said “nope, staythere and I’ll get you tissues.” Yikes! Hope your weekend is stress free!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I think it was only the persons on each side of me who may noticed, I just started to squeeze my nose-back and got the one end of my towell to clean it up. Luckily it ended kind of fast. Then I just folded my towel so it was gone. No need for drama. It’s just to throw the towell in the washing mashine when I got home.

  2. Michelle says:

    Well that’s something that hasn’t happened to me yet, a nosebleed. Judging from the practices I’ve been having lately, I’m sure the yoga truck has one lined up for me. 😉

    • ahappyyogi says:

      If it happens it’s no biggie, just stop it and continue.

      I tend to get them when I am stressed so I know it is a BIG sign for me to listen to myself and start to slow down.

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