Day 24, a hiding in luxury

This morning I was mixing a bit with what I can eat and how close before class as I want to know before Barcelona.

I felt a bit stuffed coming into class so I took the “hiding spot” behind the pilar with a mirror of my own. It’s a luxury spot some days and other it is a hiding spot. I like it as I can focus totally on my self, I have a mirror and nobody behind me adn having the others around but still alone.

What I thought would be a tough class turned out to be a strong class. Today again!

I found some new muscles again, this time in Standing Stick, muscles in my back like some giant hands grab me from above pulling me forward as I pull the leg backwards. It’s just on the one side now but I know when I find something on the one side it will soon show up on the other side.

It really feels like I climbed a step up as I feel like every other day I find new muscles. It’s like wow, I have muscles in all postures and new ones, like I found one and then that one got the ball moving.

We have a lot of beginners in the studio now. Today was 5 new ones, yesterday was 3 and so it has been the last weeks. It is fun because many are coming back. I don’t mind the beginers, they are nice, they sometimes don’t know left from right or up from down, but that is OK as they are beginners. The ones that bother me are the 5-10 timers, they have started to get a hung of what this yoga is, they start to take place in the front row still not knowing the right grips in all the postures or locking the knee before kicking out. Not all of them, most are very nice and sweet, but there are some of them that I just shake my head and think, Oh, yeah, they will grow up one day as well, hope it will be sooner than later. We will just have to educate them in the small etiquette rules.


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6 Responses to Day 24, a hiding in luxury

  1. Michelle says:

    You are right…they will learn. I know I did so many things wrong in the beginning and still have more to learn! It’s the people who’ve been practicing for awhile, setting a good example in the front row that they learn from. Too bad they are jumping the gun and going in front so early. They have nobody to guide them!
    Congrats on all of these new muscles you are finding! Awesome!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      Some of us has to do the things wrong others stay in the back to watch and learn. I sure did thousends of things wrong in the begining as well, that’s probably why it bothers me. 🙂

  2. Traci says:

    I love this post. So funny how we all go through the same exact things in class…No matter where we are practicing. Happy you found some new muscles! Don’t you just love it!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I just love the new muscles!
      As we go through the same things it is so inspireing to read and connect with eachother from different studios.

  3. ActionJoJo says:

    I agree with you! There are times when you just want to be left alone in the hot room. Your little spot behind the pillar sounds wonderful!!!

    And I agree with you about the semi-newbies in the front row. There is one guy in my evening classes like that and he doesn’t know all his grips and he needs help with his arms in eagle and he’s in the front row. He’s falling out of postures all the time and sitting out a lot. I don’t have a problem with people falling out but when you do, be mindful about your neighbors around you. Be efficient when you come back to the center of your mat. This guy flails around, makes faces, checks himself out. Sometimes it really is a challenge to not be distracted by him!!!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      The litte spot we have is usualy one of the favorit spots for many people.

      Maybe we should call them semi-wannabies. They see all the yogis who know what to do in the front row and line up there as well as “that is what you do”.

      Still I to wish that some people could be more mindful about their neighbors.

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