Day 27, I can breathe again

Long day with the HUGE release, it is Tiger day with a capital T. We have made the impossible possible and 12 hours after we started we had the last parts rolling out. My great colleauges let me leave so I could take the 8 pm class.

So after this crazy day and a night of nearly no sleep I come to the studio and find out that the class will be taught in German and in the yoga room there are only spots in the front row. I don’t like being in the front row in a foreign studio taking a class in a language I don’t understand. It is just too keep the head high and do my best.

Turns out to be a strong class, they have the side mirror on the other side of the room from home so in Separate Leg Head to Knee it is the left side towards the front mirror and I get to see the way my hips align up on the side I normally don’t see. And that is good. So I can align it better. I did something with it because the hip feels more open.

Need some sleep now, it’s a long day tomorrow as well and then my life will be starting to become normal again, or a new normal.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 27, I can breathe again

  1. bitsy says:

    Sounds neat to take a class in a different language. We have someone who is russian and she occasionally will count when we do locust. That’s about it, though…

    • ahappyyogi says:

      It’s different, you know so well what is said, but just can understand half a word here and there. I take those words and then try to create my own dialogue with the rythem of the teacher’s.

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