Day 28, strange class in Vienna

Took a am class in Vienna today as I would miss every evening class in Stockholm as of my flight-time.

It was a different class, beside me on each side a had 2 English ladies that were beginners so the teacher spoke a bit English at times for their sake. So we had an English corner.

Everybody had hand towells to dry there hands with from the sweat, that would never happen at home. The teacher even asked me if I wanted one, but I didn’t know what to use it for so I rejected.

After the first breathing the teacher went out and had a discussion with somebody, very loud and everybody was starting to feel a bit embarresed, I didn’t understand a word but of the tone it sounded something like the person should go to a very very hot place where the peppers grow or something. And then class continued as nothing had happened. This teacher was so sweet, she cared about everybody so that everybody had a nice class, and took realy good care about the ladies on my both sides. She kept the class a bit on the cold side. I have never been in such a cool class, except those times when the heater has been broken. Fans where on at several times.

I must have started to open something in the hips, it feels so different. I walk different and many postures feel different. I am happy that I got to see my other side in the mirror in Separate Forehead to Knee.

Tomorrow it is back to normal, training in “my studio”. Also a new normality at work after this big, huge release. I am so longing for this normality so that my stresslevel can go down and I can start working more pro-acative instead of playing fire-departement.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 28, strange class in Vienna

  1. Michelle says:

    Isn’t studio hopping interesting! But then when you get back home….it’s home sweet home!

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