Day 31, suger in my joints

There are many possible titles to this post, Stiff as a safe, Body on strike or something similar.

Woke up this morning, I could wiggle my toes and fingers, rest of the body on strike. Didn’t want to leave the bed. I used my strong willpower to just get it moving. I was dehydrated so I started to drink water and ate a small breakfast and grabbed my stuff for the 11am class.

The heater was back on again and it was one of the new teachers. She is getting better but I was glad I put myself in the frontrow, otherwise it would have been hard to focus.

Stiff, stiffer, stiffest is how I could describe my class, everything was stiff, legs, hips, stomach, shoulders, arms, head you name it and it was stiff. It felt like I am back on square one of my entire yoga practice. So it is just to work slow and ask the gently for some softening.

I am lining up my hips, in Separete leg, forhead to knee and in the spine strengthing I can see how not in line I am and I am working on it a lot. In Full Locust I am not flying straight ahead I will fly to the right in circles with that curve in my body. No wonder it take time to get forward if I go in cirlces.

Toward the end of class I was thinking about what I have eaten last days, lots of suger and candy and the food in Vienna was not the best for me. I tend to eat things that have more suger in it when I am tired and stressed. Maybe it is all this suger and bad food that is now in my joints and making me stiff.


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6 Responses to Day 31, suger in my joints

  1. Traci says:

    oh…Here’s hoping next practice will be much looser for you! Never know how our bodies are going to be on any given day huh? So strange how these bodies of ours work! Have a great day!

  2. Love that “flying in circles” part! I am sure you will soon be able to fly forward!

  3. Michelle says:

    Ya, the body sure does get senstive to what we are putting in it during challenges! The only way to work through the stiffness though is to go back in the hot room, so we just keep on keeping on!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      The sensitiveness of food and drinks definitely goes up during a challenge. Keep on keeping on is a good saying.

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