Day 32, who pulled the plug?

More snow! 5 cm more during the night, We haven’t had this much snow in decades or something. Spring will officially come in the end of March. Just in time for the ending of the 101 challenge 🙂

Today I am starting to feel a bit stronge again. That lasted until lunch when a headache from some forgotten place came by. I even had to take a pain-killer and that is so unusual. Left work a couple of hours later with the head a bit better and came to the studio without any real motivation.

I placed myself in the back, (in a new spot) and had a quite strong standing series. Then we hit the floor and someone pulled the plug and all the energy was gone. Gone with the wind, nowhere to find. My hips are crazy they are wobbly. Laying in Savasana makes me feel crocked, I try to straighten up and it feels strange but it looks straighter, I have to ask for help to lay straght.

After class I put my mat on the shelf and then I had to sit down again before I left the room.

The good thing with todays class is that I was less stiff than yesterday, not much, but for me a noticable difference.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Day 32, who pulled the plug?

  1. Johan says:

    Yes had a fresh sprinkle of snow this morning as well. Hopefully the weather will be better in Barcelona.
    Could it be that the headache was from electrolyte depletion? That would explain the lack of energy as well. But hey I’m no doctor. 🙂

  2. Traci says:

    Or the headache could be from stress. Sounds like you have alot going on there at work. Havea good practice tomorrow! Hope your head is much better!

    • ahappyyogi says:

      I would go with the stress teori, or post stress. I am sitting by my desk at work and trying to find my new normality.

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