Day 35, being friendly is the thing

This morning as I walked up the 2 stair-cases at work it hit me that my legs didn’t hurt. They were quiet, silent, and just climbed one step at a time not screaming at me.

I felt stronger today and hoped it would last through class.

It nearly did. The room is much hotter or humid now as there is no themometer. So I thought that if others could handle 60-70% humidity I can handle this. And then I thought I love beeing in the water and maybe could have had gills so that would work in the yoga-room. Breathe! Breathe more. Concentrate on the pose. In the poses it is no problem, the hard thing is when I come out of the posture, then it is tough on me.

The standing series was kind of strong, my back of the legs didn’t scream at me as they have done the last weeks. I have been nice to them during this time. Asking them politely to please be a part of my training and just help out a bit. The friendliness to them was a way to go that they liked today.

I realize I can balance longer and stronger. Even when people fall out around me and the other day one women fell over on my mat and I just stood there. It is when I can’t focus anymore when I fall out.

Spine strengthing ok.

Then the last part of class and my brain just went totally crazy! I started to sing “Higher” the sweet-slaimy Swedish Idol Winning Song for myself and the word higher was exchanged to hotter and at the same time I just wanted to get up and run around in circles and scream and shout! I really had to put hold on myself just looking at this brain that tried to hijack my body. I had a great Camel and Rabbit and couldn’t move for the compression and stretching.

Bring on the crazy emotions! They are there lurking on me, bring them on so I can let them go.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 35, being friendly is the thing

  1. Our brains are JUST like small children. They will wander unattended at the slighest provocation!
    That’s funny you should mention the gills. Greg from “another version of the truth” has been swimming in humidity at his studio. I told him he needs to grow gills the other day. 🙂

  2. Happyyogi says:

    Sometimes i just wish i had some gills to stay longer under water

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