Day 39, Tjoho! with tons of gratefulness

First I want to say I am so happy and grateful to all of you who share your experiences with me and everybody else during this challenge! It is so great, as the sharing contains so much knowledge and wakes up so many thoughts in my mind.

My posts during this challenge has been alot about the physical classes, and that has been important to me right now and for me it feels strange but in that strangeness very good.

Today I had a great class, I think it was one of the best classes I have had in maybe a year, pre-balance issues. It was hot but dry in the begining and then the humidity came on and I just went on like a Duracell Bunny, situps, postures, strong and happy and solid. People where dropping like flies and some left the room but I didn’t take notice I just worked on.

I think I found a thing in Wind Removing Pose, this pose that I’m not a favour of, in the first part when taking the knee to the side and then upwards I have always wondered over this strange way to twist the leg and today I got an AHA. It must be like letting the leg fall outwards like a V and then pull upwards. It was a totally new posture for both the hips and stomach.

There are so many small things happening, I am soo excited for all this small little things in all different parts of my body and also in my head. One important thing is the head.

Many years ago I hit the wall due to stress, this was during my last year studying for my masters degree. Doctors classified it as exhaustion-depression and at the same time I found out that I am slightly cross-sighted. Not strange that I was exhausted in my entire brain. If anybody said should, must or any word implying that I should do anything I just started to cry. It has been a long, long way back. This yoga have done a great deal to put some of the screws back into place again and with this strength that I feel now in the yoga-room it is the same kind of strength that I used to have before I hit the wall when I had energy for five.

What I create in the yoga-room will show in the world outside, just as the outside world will reflect itself in the yoga-room. It is like a tug-of-war where the creation in the yoga-room will win over the outside world if the practice happens often enough.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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4 Responses to Day 39, Tjoho! with tons of gratefulness

  1. Johan says:

    Thanks for sharing, and keep working on it. The change will happen. It will take some time, after all we are dealing with years of emotions.

    • ahappyyogi says:

      It took ages to put myself into the state where I am now and it will take time to work on it all.

      That is so comforting that as long as I work on it it will get better 🙂 or at least status quo.

  2. Sisya says:

    I am grateful for your blog and your honest, open sharing about your yoga experiences. It is truly a life-changing practice.

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