Day 41, double day

A double, a back to back with 2 good instructors where you give that little extra in the classes. I set up in the front row for the first class in a spot I like and I had a STRONG class. In the last savasana I was thinking, should I stay in this favourite spot or take the spot behind the pilar directly. I went for stay, what the heck, its just yoga, and how bad can it bee? I could faint or something then it would be good to be close to the teacher and not behind a pilar.

I ate a clementine and took a coco-water between classes and in the second class there where a lot of the regulars that I usually talk to and I could feel there support from all over. Guess what!? It was a strong class this to up until Half Tortoise where the energy drained and I just did one set of each of the last poses.

It was a strange feeling to be soft-stiff. In some ways I could flex and bend more than usually and in others I was even stiffer than the fist class.

Now I really hear my pillow screaming for me so I will hug it, and I kind of think it is a good idea.


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A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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2 Responses to Day 41, double day

  1. Good job on the double! Woo hoo~!

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