Day 43, unengaged

Friday, you think you will have a nice day in the office and then off to a nice class and then home with Budo-friends coming to town for a seminar.

Starts with an incident, emergency release, candy, and then it slowed down after lunch and I got to do some things.

Yoga, with candy in stomach?!?! Blah, ouch, ugh, set up in the far back row and was unengaged. I did everything and it was cool and I was freezing and burping all the candy.

Okidoki, new days will come.

Then home and went along to the dojo for the pre-training just to watch as I didn’t want to train.

I need to contemplate and take this emotional period of this challenge to try to understand my connection to the budo right now.


About ahappyyogi

A yogini with a great interest in sailing.
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