Day 45, what about my budo and Day 46, happy happy or The year of the Tiger

I practice budo, or I used to practice a lot of budo.

Hmm, am I a continuer or a quitter with my budo? Does it matter or not?

I used to be the cashier for the dojo, taking care of the economics and a lot of stuff, and the other senior students kind of took it for granted and when I needed help some toke their responsibility to take some of the load of my back and others just didn’t care about the stuff that they took on, so either I had to do it or just stand by and watch the things that I took care of just fall into pieces. So I got fed up with it and from the 1 of January I am not the cashier anymore. It feels so great, none of those papers on my desk and if anybody asks me anything I just say; Not my table anymore, ask T instead. It is such a relief.

The dojo had a seminar this weekend with 2 of the highest graded women in the world teaching. I have been working for many years to get more women into training and one of the instructors is my very good friend and mentor since years back and the other is now a new friend. Did I practice? No, I did yoga, I took an advanced class Saturday instead. I did watch during Sunday afternoon though but first doing my yoga.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is an ancient Martial Arts, the written roots go back 1100 years and the Grandmaster Hatsumi Soke is a true master. Practicing this budo is like beeing on a path. Cultivating the body, disciplining the mind, and through the knowledge how to protect yourself you get the knowledge how to take care of and heal yourself and others. True Budo is the Japanese way and True yoga is the Indian way. It is the same energy channels we work with. It is same same but so different.

Seeing this two women work together and teach was so inspireing to me, I saw the happines and joy and trueness in the budo through their eyes. It made me so Happy. I don’t want to quit my budo, I am just fed up with administrating other persons training and some other high ranked students in my dojo not taking their responsibility. When the fed up memories have faded away and I truly feel the joy to practice budo again I will be back on the mat. I will continue.

Hatsumi Soke is now 78 years old, and last time I was in Japan to practice with him and his Senior students he was still amazing. Even if he moves like an elderly man he still can move as a yongster and roll and do splits.

In 2 weeks I will be in Barcelona and meet and practice with another master, Bikram, I am so looking forward too this. I am a bit nervous for it, will I manage the heat, the tempo, the postures, the stiffness in my body and just being able to follow along.

This morning when I looked myself in the mirror and saw the bruce I have just above my left clavicula and have had for 2 months. I have thought that this comes from some posture that I am doing but I realized it is an old budo-related injury, it is actually scar tissue that is moving from my injured clavicula towards the skin and slowly being absorbed by the body.

It has been a weekend with so many emotions, both on my yoga-mat and on the budo-mat. I am so Happy to be able to work it through now during this days in the middle of the “emotions portion” of this challenge!

And also, we are now in the year of the Tiger for real. It is a Fire-Tiger! The Tiger at the top of the post is painted by Hatsumi Soke as a gift to me the first time I was in Japan.


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2 Responses to Day 45, what about my budo and Day 46, happy happy or The year of the Tiger

  1. There is another yogi, Karen, who practices budo as well. Interesting! I’d like to try it someday…

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